Squirrel Season

Squirrels on the Move: Exploring Their Activities During Spring Squirrel Season

Spring is a bustling time for nature, with flowers blooming and animals waking up from winter slumber. Among these creatures, squirrels are particularly active, making ...
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Mosquito Menace

Mosquito Menace: Tips for a Mosquito-Free Spring

Springtime is around the corner, and so is the mosquito menace that comes with it. But don't worry; we've covered you with tips and tricks ...
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Battling Indoor Invaders: How to Keep Roaches Away

Roaches, with their swift movements and survival instincts, can be unwelcome guests in our homes. Battling these indoor invaders requires a combination of strategies to ...
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Do Squirrels Hibernate? Unveiling Winter Habits Beyond Hibernation

Squirrels are charming and ubiquitous creatures that often capture our attention with their acrobatic antics and bushy tails. As we observe them throughout the year, ...
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Tails of Resilience: How Some Winter Animals Brave Birmingham’s Chilly February

Winter in Birmingham, Alabama, can get pretty chilly, and it's not just us humans who feel the cold. Animals, big and small, have to deal ...
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Are Foxes Canines? Navigating the Fox Mating Season’s Impact on Your Property

Foxes, with their elegant features and clever behavior, often leave us in awe. But their relationship with the canine family has left many wondering: are ...
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